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How to Engage Optometry Staff for Effective Training

Dr. Colonna preps the team before they head out for the day.

Your staff are hugely important to the success of your clinic, and investing time and energy into training is a great way to enhance the quality of care your patients may receive.  In this article, we will discuss the importance of being communicative, using interactive techniques, and listening to your employees, among other things, to […]

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Must Have Instruments When Opening an Optometry Practice

Image showing a female patient being examined with a slit lamp. Phoropter and eye chart also visible in the photo,

Quality service is pivotal to setting your optometry business apart, but you need the tools to make it happen. Therefore, instruments and tools should be considered when determining the cost of opening your practice. Most patients won’t know the difference between instrument brands or types. But they will recognize the quality of service your tools […]

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