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5 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Success

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5 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Success  You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s lonely at the top.” I disagree. Your path to the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success is not one you should walk alone.  Behind the success of every great entrepreneur are friends, family members, and mentors. Your family provides the motivation and […]

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Your mission statement

There’s only one thing that counts when it comes to your mission statement. Don’t even bother to continue reading if you haven’t determined your business’s core values yet. You can’t be on a mission if you have no values! (However, if you haven’t read my article “Why Your Practice Absolutely Needs Core Values”, then you […]

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Gross vs. Net Revenue: Which Should You Focus on More?

Running a medical eyecare office has become more challenging, with greater competition from online retail and optical chain-store providers. Understanding gross revenue versus net revenue has never been more vital. Once you understand the difference between these two metrics, you will be able to better strategize how to become more profitable, including how to better invest in your office to improve patient care. […]

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