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Build an Empire by Building a Team: How to Invest in Your Staff

Photo of the team at Westminster Eyecare Associates.

Your employees are the heart of your business. They’re the ones interacting and building relationships with patients and delivering the standard of service you’ve set. A strong leader will steer the ship in the right direction, providing support where needed, but the employees are the ones rowing the boat and getting you where you need […]

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How Service Will Set Your Optometry Business Apart from the Rest

A smiling optometrist points to an eye chart while a female patient faces towards it.

Providing great service may seem obvious, but it’s important to check-in and be honest with yourself about the effectiveness of the service you provide and if it helps you stand out amongst your competitors. The type of service you provide stems from your business’s core values and how you define who you are. Ask yourself […]

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Why Determining Core Values Will Help Grow Your Business

Illustration of a blue could with the words Core Values inside and arrows pointing to different values such as goals, trust, teamwork, and responsibility.

Core values are more than just inspirational words you see on a poster in an office. They represent your business’s beliefs, purpose, and are the driving force behind what you do.  Determining your business’s core values can help align the attitudes and behaviors needed from all team members to help achieve your company goals. Once […]

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5 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Success

Blue graphic with the word "mentoring" in all caps, surrounded by reasons a mentor is important such as support, success, growth, and help.

5 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Success  You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s lonely at the top.” I disagree. Your path to the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success is not one you should walk alone.  Behind the success of every great entrepreneur are friends, family members, and mentors. Your family provides the motivation and […]

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