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Why Determining Core Values Will Help Grow Your Business

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Illustration of a blue could with the words Core Values inside and arrows pointing to different values such as goals, trust, teamwork, and responsibility.

Core values are more than just inspirational words you see on a poster in an office. They represent your business’s beliefs, purpose, and are the driving force behind what you do. 

Determining your business’s core values can help align the attitudes and behaviors needed from all team members to help achieve your company goals.

Once you establish your core values, you can begin to create your mission statement and hone in on the big picture. A business mentor can help you define your core values to set you and your business up for future success.

What Are Core Values?

By definition, core values are the beliefs that represent an organization’s priorities. They are the guidelines for how your business and employees approach each day and challenge. It’s the attitude and behavior displayed to patients and colleagues. Defining the core values helps everyone row the boat in the same direction.

How to Define Your Core Values

The first step in growing your business is defining your core values, but where do you begin? 

Start by figuring out your why—your why is your purpose. Determine what makes you stand out from the crowd and what daily behavior is needed to accomplish that.

Be sure to keep your core values authentic to your business. You don’t want to come up with values that appear “cool” or “trendy” just because other companies use them. Your core values should clearly display how you want your employees to conduct themselves to help achieve the overall goals of your business.

Implementing Your Core Values

The effectiveness of your business’s core values relies on how you implement them. Words are just words until they are put into action.

Communicate your core values clearly and often. Be open about why you chose your specific core values and what they mean to you and the business.

Fully incorporating your core values into your brand holds your business accountable for upholding them each day. You can do this by incorporating your core values into job postings, social media posts, your company website, and job training for new employees.

Continually checking in with your team about core values can help develop and maintain a strong culture within your business. When your employees live by your business’s core values, it can’t help but translate into the service your patients receive. 

Image of a hand stacking wooden blocks with the words Mission, Vision, and Strategy, with Core Value supporting the stack.

Why Core Values Are Important for Your Business

Implementing your core values takes continuous work, but the payoff for your business is well worth it. Core values are the building blocks of your business’s culture and create a shared sense of community amongst your team. When your employees strongly identify with the business’s core values, they will want to stick around for the long term. You become a place top talent wants to work because ideals and goals align.

Aligning Your Outlook

Establishing core values can help ease decision-making within the company. Values set clear priorities and help everyone become aligned on what matters—and on the flip side—what doesn’t matter to the growth of the business. Core values help set everyone on the same path towards reaching the business’s goals.

Employee Retention

Core values create a business environment needed for success. Employees are more likely to leave a workplace with toxic attitudes and behaviors than one with clear expectations that align with their own personal values. It’s even been shown that employees are more willing to work at a company with a strong focus on culture and values, even if it means making less money.

Building a strong culture starts with core value roots. Nurture those roots and see your business flourish.

Recruiting Top Talent

When your core values become integrated into your brand, it helps attract the right people to the right seats. People who identify with your purpose and values are likely to seek opportunities with your business.

Achieving Growth Starts with Defining Your Core Values

As your business grows and changes, having clear core values helps you approach adversity with a growth mindset and a focus on the bigger picture.

When defining your core values, you want to remember what your brand stands for and how these values can help drive your team in the same direction towards growth.. For assistance crafting your values and business objectives, look to the advice of a business mentor.

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Written by Dr. Scott Colonna

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